Greta Thunberg, The Memes #2

For the first compilation of Greta memes click HERE. If you wrote it in a novel nobody would believe it. A clearly deranged and uneducated child who admits that she […]

Avoiding Wuhan Coronavirus

Today’s totals 427 deaths, 669 completely recovered. Victims in 28 countries. The disease is no longer exponential, deaths were doubling every two days. But the daily number of deaths is […]

There are fake news stories circulating that CO2 levels in our atmosphere (remember these are just a tiny 400 parts per million) is dissolving in sea water to make acid, […]

J K Rowling Isn't All Bad

Rowling says that she is a socialist, which isn’t a very good thing at all. Because socialism occupies the moral low ground, its two main foundations are the punishment of […]

Wuhan Coronavirus - Start Panicking

2019-nCoV is the greatest threat humanity has faced for some time. Here’s why: The disease shows no symptoms for up to the first two weeks of infection. During this time […]

Climate Graphs that Prove the Lie

We are currently enjoying a warm period in our climate, caused by natural cycles in the activity of the sun and in the orbit of our planet. During the Roman […]

Chlorine Washed Chicken is Brilliant

Currently we eat chicken that is produced to EU food safety and hygiene regulations. (Just as they control most of our lives). So it sometimes contains Salmonella and sometimes Campylobacter […]

Wuhan Coronavirus - Start Worrying

There have been a number of partial extinctions of we humans within the written historical record. The Black Death of 1347-51 killed about a quarter of the Earth’s population. The […]

Prepare for the Ice Age

The climate on this planet has always had warm periods and cold periods, there is no “normal” temperature. Warm periods include the Minoan, the Roman, the Medieval and the Modern, […]

Meghan and Harry Go Postal

This blog accurately predicted that Meghan Windsor would cause a constitutional crisis and why she would do this (click HERE to see that article). Now it is happening. They say […]