News analysis

American family comedy act

Now is the time of year when MPs take their extended summer breaks and when, traditionally, the major source of news shuts down. Newspapers usually fill up their pages with […]

Yesterday was a virtuoso display from David Cameron in the House of Commons. Before it Ed Milliband had been calling for Cameron to resign, by the end of the day […]

Every speech I have heard made by Ed Milliband for the last two weeks has used the name of this poor murdered girl as a political weapon to try and […]

David Cameron and Andy Coulson

Some people seem to be drawing false inferences that the Prime Minister is in some way implicit in the News International story because he had employed an ex editor of […]

The last issue of the News of the World

The Guardian newspaper is whipping itself and its readers into a frenzy of righteous indignation over illegal hacking committed by the News of the World in order to obtain stories. […]