Boris is Draining the Swamp

Boris is very obviously draining the Westminster/Islington swamp of Cultural Marxists and Quislings. Cabinet reshuffle. Goodbye Hammond and a few more who weren’t really Conservatives. In total Boris sacked 11 […]

What Britain Thinks

It may be that I live in a social media and real world echo chamber. But the impression I get from many random conversations is that public opinion is aligning […]

Why Corbyn is a Frit Chicken

Over the last few months the Conservative majority has dwindled away. Then with the utterly justified expulsion of 21 Quislings it became a minority government that cannot continue to govern. […]

What Boris Must Do Next

We have got rid of Theresa May and are still celebrating. Her government was nannying, authoritarian, statist, dishonest and incompetent. A huge smear of excrement across the political life of […]