EU, we must vote to quit

So David Cameron has done his EU deal and it is a bad one that makes little difference. He has not succeeded in his aims, despite holding all the cards. […]

Religion. The memes

Last year we let a million intolerant followers of a barbaric religion into Europe, this year it will probably be three million. Europe has a liberal secular society with largely […]

Does moderate Islam exist?

According to the lies we are fed by our politicians and press the vast majority of Muslims are normal civilised people just like you and me and it is only […]

Expect Islamic war in Western Europe

Above you can see Milo Moire, a Swiss artist, who performed a naked protest in the square in Cologne where the new year’s eve attacks happened, with a sign reading; […]

Cultural enrichment. The memes

Just now Europe is undergoing massive cultural enrichment; intolerance, rape, Sharia law, terrorism, honour crimes, female genital mutilation, forced marriage. All proudly brought to you by your political leaders. The […]

Corbyn is right about ISIS

On 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks—consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking—occurred in the French capital Paris and its northern suburb of Saint-Denis. 139 totally […]